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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adventure Quest

Game: Adventure Quest

Publisher: Artix Entertainment

Download or web based: Web-based

What you get if you pay: A one time fee for Guardian status can be purchased to unlock many weapons and quests. Z-tokens can also be purchased for many rare weapons, pets, and pieces of equipment.

Review: Adventure Quest takes place in a fantasy world called Lore. The residents of Lore vary from simple humans to walking lizards to rabbit-like Moglins. These beings live in the many lands and cities of Lore. Mountainous regions, seaside ports, and monster filled deserts are all reached from the starting village of Battleon.

Quests are avaliable at almost any level and outnumber the varied species. From short hunt-and-kill quests to elaborate travels across the land following a familiar looking Frogzard hunter. Monsters can also be attacked individually without undertaking a quest to gain experience, gold, or just satisfy the urge to kill things.

Elements play an important role in combat. Weapons, armor, spells, and shields all are strong in one or more elemental atritbute. Enemies can be strong or weak in elements as well. Finding out what element is needed to maximize damage given or minimize damage received is accomplished by looking at the foe's in-match status screen. Weapons and other equipment can be quickly swapped during battle to allow for the best setup possible with items on hand. Pets from the pet shop can be switched in battle as well to enhance elemental damage.

Combat is a single screen, limited animation, turn-based encounter. Any game controlled companions of the player will randomly attack or not in the same turn as the player themselves. This includes any pets or quest related characters along for the ride.

Rating: 6/10 Despite the simple visuals and limited animations AQ is very enjoyable. The quests allow for a wide variety of gameplay options. The limited weapons allowed to free players is a slight hinderance but not enough to limit play of the game.

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