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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Perfect World

Game: Perfect World

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment/Cubinet Interactive

Download or web based: Download

What you get if you pay: Fun costumes and special equipment items.

Review: While this game isn't perfect it is fairly interesting. Characters can be created from a small number of species. Humans, Basic melee or magic types of each species are avaliable.

Weapons and armor are equipped based on a character's stats. These stats can be upgraded by a set amount of points each time a level up is accomplished. Some equippable items will also increase these stats.

Quests come from a number of sources and available ones can be found from an on-screen menu. Some early ones require killing a number of enemies and automatically obtaining an item with each kill. One quest involved jumping to the top of a wall at the far end of the town, opening a chest, and returning to the town leader in less than five minutes.

Jumping is one thing that relieves the monotony while traveling around villages or between battlefields. A simple double jump can be accomplished by hitting the SPACE BAR twice. This can be fun when landing in a tree or high up a cliff and jumping off. The long fall ending in a damage-less landing can make for a comedic moment or two.

Despite the ease of movement and simple battle methods crafting is overly complicated. Materials can be obtained from random spots in the field or defeating enemies. Crafting, however, can only be done at the shops related to the craft desired. Weapons can only be crafted at the blacksmith, medicine at the apothecary, clothing at the tailor, etc.

Rating: 6/10 Far from perfect, but not too shabby.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Game: zOmg

Publisher: Gaia Online

Download or web based: Web-based

What you get if you pay: A handful of attack and defense upgrades as well as tons of avatar costume options.

Review: zOmg is not as generic as the name might imply. It is part of the ever expanding Gaia Online community. This allows for interaction beyond game play. The basic story is an attack on the towns of Gaia by various inanimate objects come to life. Garden Gnomes, plastic flamingos, coin purses, toy dolls, and cloves of garlic are just some of the enemies available to attack.

A player's avatar is their Gaia avatar equipped with rings on each finger (none on thumbs). Combat is simply targeting a foe and selecting an equipped ring to attack with. Fighting can be done alone or by “Recrewting” others into a party.

There is no experience gain so no specific character leveling. Attack and defense are upgraded by collecting Charge Orbs and attaching them to rings in inventory.

Rating: 7/10 Tons of options for game play with an entire community for fun when not in the mood to play