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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shot Online

Game: Shot Online International

Publisher: Games Campus

Download or web based: Download

What you get if you pay: Campus credits are bought and used for items to boost strength, shot accuracy, and other skills as well as increasing experience gain. Clothes that have more than cosmetic effects are purchasable as well.

Review: Shot Online is a golf game. After a brief tutorial a beginner course can be played. Quests can be accepted to finish the course or completing single holes under given scores. As rounds are played and quests completed experience is gained that opens other courses.

As experience is gained character levels are increased. With each level up points are given that can be used to raise the various skills needed for a successful round of golf. Skills such as strength, which hits the ball further, and impact, which allows for more accurate hitting of the ball.

Courses can be played solo or against other players. When starting a round the number of players can be limited and passwords set to block out unwanted intruders. This allows for friendly games between known players or a wide open match anyone can join.

Rating: 5/10 A decent game visually with simple user interface. Character customization is easy with various outfits available at shops on the main street. Great play for golf enthusiasts, not so much for football fans.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Legends of Zork

Game: Legends of Zork

Publisher: Jolt Online

Download or web based: Web-based

What you get if you pay: Coconuts. They are used to gain Action Points, allowing for more battles per day. Coconuts can also be used to purchase avatar icons and carrying capacity increases, among other things.

Review: Largely text based, Legends of Zork is the adventuring of characters exploring the Underground. Combat is accomplished by selecting a field to enter and observing as enemy stats and combat round results appear on screen.

Starting at The White House and gallivanting off to The Dark Forest and The White Cliffs more areas become accessible as higher levels are reached.

Weapons and skills with interesting names are available, but no visuals of them is possible.

Rating: 4/10 OK if you want a brief distraction. Text based battles don't hold much interest. Many lands to explore, just not much more fascinating than a map view and limited pictures from each. Variety of enemies, none displayed as more than a single picture.