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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earth Eternal

Game: Earth Eternal

Publisher: Sparkplayer

Download or web based: Web based but a small download is required.

What you get if you pay: Credits which can be used for various items including potions for faster running speed, experience boosts and other features.

Review: Earth Eternal isn't your average RPG. While all the characters are humanoid, there are no humans. Or dwarfs, or elves, or aliens for that matter. Characters from Earth Eternal come from the wide palate of the animal kingdom. Lizards and felines and bears (oh my!) are available for players' characters alongside mechanical Clockworks and mythic Cyclops and Daemons. While options to modify each species is very limited the variety of starting animals allows for a degree of personalization.

Quests start off with a couple basic seek-and-destroy or find-the-NPC types in the starting village. Wandering further is easy on the main roads with many foes close enough to the paths to make for easy attacks without many worries about random attacks.

Battle is a simple click-to-attack system. Special attacks and abilities are accessed with programmable hot keys. Enemies vary from walking plants to over sized butterflies. Even a few wandering crabs are sprinkled in for variety.

Rating: 5/10 With the exception of the anthropomorphic animalistic characters there is nothing unique about EE.

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