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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Game: Shadowtale

Publisher: Hyper Awesome Entertainment

Download or web based: Web

What you get if you pay: Various “Members Only” perks including exclusive weapons, areas, and quests.

Review: Shadowtale opens with a mysterious woman telling the player about them being a destined hero. A short tutorial quest follows explaining the basics of battle and movement.

The tutorial quest leaves off in the small village of Edgewood. Here many quests can be undertaken and equipment bought to start things off. Arrows on the main screen and a highlighted path on the mini-map make navigating to quest goals simple enough, even if defeating enemies or collecting items is more of a challenge. Enemies include boars, goblins, and some soldiers attacking a nearby castle.

Combat is a basic approach and attack style with free movement in the area and between areas. Using skills and casting spells increase experience in the job the skill is based in. For example, throwing a fireball at an offending blood wolf will increase points in wizardry whether the wolf is defeated with more fireballs or a slashing sword. While experience is gained with each foe defeated, a tone sounds and total experience required for the next level will be displayed when all on screen foes are defeated.

Rating: 7/10 Fairly simple game play in an open world and large number of quests. Graphics are decent for not requiring a download.

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